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Wednesday, August 25, 2004 :::
New Highs in Corporate Lows

A Mind That Suits has been plagued by spyware for quite some time, and uses not one, not two, not even three, but, yes, FOUR programs to keep his computer squeaky clean and, well, really, really slow. Said programs have worked well in tandem--the indispensible Lee Gomes over at the indispensible Wall Street Journal recommends using several, and so a certain pudgy, balding English teacher does exactly that. When first installed, they detected and expelled spyware, adware and beware-of-it-all-ware with abandon, but lately they have not been finding so much. Alas, this surely means the bad guys are getting ahead of them, even if one updates the software daily, as they recommend. But what these programs that are supposed to fight the baddies have started to do is...eliminate each other. PestPatrol goes after SpyAssassin, and SpySweeper just loathes PestPatrol. No doubt, SpyAssassin will start after SpySweeper, and we will have Total Warfare among the software that is supposed to be protecting the computer on which this is written.

NorthWorst. It turns out that is what the good people of the Upper Midwest call Northwest, and A Mind That Suits must agree. Give him USAirways any day, or at least once a month, when he heads to North Carolina to visit friends and family. On NorthWorst, the seats are indescribably cramped, and the personnel are overworked. That's because there are so few of them. Cooling his heals as per usual at SFO on his way back to the sweltering heat of his native South, A Mind That Suits overheard two airport employees scoff as they walked past. "Typical...they laid too many people off." Indeed, they apparently have one baggage handler per airport, as the worst part of flying NorthWorst is waiting for one's luggage. At 10:30 at night in foggy, soggy DC, this is simply much.

And speaking of soggy, humidity filled the cabin of the flight which bore A Mind That Suits home within 30 seconds of touchdown. He had vowed that if this happened, he would get back on the plane and move back to California. He cannot, alas, afford to do so, and he is in any case more comfortable in the South whence he was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. But it was tempting.

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