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Wednesday, October 06, 2004 :::
And here's why.

Why there are no banners blaring on poll results. (See previous post.) Over at ABC, which had "Poll Gives Kerry Victory" or some such last week, there is a bland little button marked "Poll." And what one discovers, if one pushes said button, or click here, is that Mr. Cheney won by a margin similar to Mr. Kerry's. Sorry, boys, your guy lost. Please note the sneering "with a little help from his friends." That refers to the unequivocal response of Bush/Cheney supporters. But Kerry/Edwards supporters did the same thing, and did not get that little sneer. I guess being paid $300,000 to read cue cards makes you sensitive to negative vibes, or something.

And no, banners does not require an 's because "banners blaring" is a reduction of "banners that are blaring." The possessive is only when the gerund is acting as a noun.

Your going out every night is affecting your work.
I saw you going out again last night. What about your work?

In the second sentence, you as you were going out was reduced to you going out.

Pedants, please note further: "go out" is a unique verb, which differs from "go."

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