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Tuesday, October 05, 2004 :::
At the risk of sounding obstinate, Thursday night's debate proved that the Democratic Party made a terrible mistake in nominating John Kerry to be President. The incoherence of his comments during the debate mirrored the incoherence of his votes and his campaign statements. His record in office, particularly on Iraq, are simply appalling, and Vice-President Cheney made the case against him very well.

Just as John Edwards made the case against George W. Bush very well.

The difference is, George W. Bush has the personality to be President. He has just used his considerable leadership skills very unwisely.

Which leaves this voter where he was before the Vice-Presidential debate: how to express one's opposition to the first 16 months of the Bush Administration's war policies and still leave the country in capable hands?

Tonight's debate was, as was the Vice-Presidential debate in 2000, what a debate should be: two very well-informed and intelligent people debating the issues strongly but within the bounds of decency.

It's just that neither man, really, would make a good President. A good President would know how to use such men, but he or she has be a different kind of person all together.

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