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Friday, October 01, 2004 :::
Final thoughts:

At the end of the debate, Bush began to look tired, and faded back to his false starts. So he had a good middle. Those, however, do not really seem to bother the public--he's always that way.

However, longtime friend Wayne wondered if Bush's annoyed look would have the same effect as Al Gore's sighs four years ago. A certain pudgy, balding English teacher is LOUSY at judging that kind of thing, so it is a fair point. However, one should remember that teh average person deeply resents the look-down-your-nose attitude of Democrats and others who--still, somehow, for whatever reason-- take the NY Times seriously, and Kerry is by far the richest man to run for President since George Washington, who was the richest man in America at the time of his election. W. has long since positioned himself in the public mind as an average guy--there is record that he was working on that image at Yale--so being annoyed that John Kerry is proud of his foreign contacts might work.

One report--in the Journal or the Post, the memory fades--chronicled how Kerry simply will not stick to scripts, with the result that his public appearances veer wildly off message and are very unfocused. Those veers are often the source of the offhand comments that he gets killed for. He seemed completely unfocused last night, as per usual, and he simply did not press the case of the missing Humvees.

And because he wandered off that message--one that is simply deadly to Bush, one would think--he left himself open to Bush's relentless, and entirely accurate, flipflop charge.

One wished Mr. Lehrer had forced them both to declare what their campaigns' involvement was in the scurrilous ads run by their supporters and, for Kerry, with Docugate.

Kerry gave a very good floor speech in support of the Iraq resolution, by the way. But he is exposed by his complete lack of involvement in Senate oversight. His serious demeanor does not really go over that well with voters now. He looked serious when he said that he actually voted for it before he voted against it, and that, in the end, is what will kill him on election day.

Regular non-readers should not think that, because he calls it ad-Bush, A Mind That Suits is HAPPY about that. That's just what he thinks.

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