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Wednesday, November 03, 2004 :::

I guess.

Actually, I know. Overheard in Ye Olde Neighborhood Poolhall ("Ye Olde Neighborhood" herein defined as Cleveland Park, home to lots and lots of rich pretentious leftists): "You know it's going to be Chief Justice Antonin Scalia."

From your whiny liberal lips to God's ears. Or at least to W's.

Note to David Gelernter: They are not the same person.

And I will maintain that what did John Kerry in was that first debate. "Global test" is the kind of thing that scares lots and lots of Americans, as it should.

A further thought on W's character. He told the Journal editorial board while he was still governor that what he learned from his father's term was that if you have political capital, you should spend it. And whole gallons of ink has been spilled on what he learned from President Regan, though three aspects of his management style are pretty clear: the first is to let your staff duke it out right in front of you in meetings and then make your own decision, the second is to be loyal to your staff no matter what, and the third, by negative example, is to punish leakers, which Mr. Reagan unfortunately did not do. Then there is the largely unexplored question of his striking similarity to his mother, as a person. (He'd look terrible in a blue dress.) But this thing about deliberately running a race to win by a small margin on your own terms, rather than a large margin with too many compromises? I am not sure I have heard anyone ask him what he learned from Margaret Thatcher.

And so, yes, yay.

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