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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 :::
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And now for some quickies:

DC was shocked this morning when its venerable "alternative rock" station WHFS switched to a Salsa/Carribean blend Spanish language format. Back in the 1980's, this would have been a tragedy, as HFS was how everyone heard of U2, the Smiths, and the Pixies. In the 1990's, it would have meant the loss of one more rock station, altough as late as 1999, a certain pudgy balding English teacher was able to keep up with the kids in the youth group he was helping with by listening in on the way to work. Even then, when they changed their motto to "The New Rock Alternative," said English teacher joked, "How about, 'The Alternative to New Rock?'" But two or three years ago, it hit bottom, with a heavy metal format and sleazy DJ's whose emotional level was not much higher than the 14-year-olds they were trying to "reach." So frankly, good riddance HFStival, hola, El HFS.

According to the Washington Post, the Iraq Survey Group that has been looking for those WMD has given up, and the most recent "interim report" given by ISG head Charles A. Duelfer will become the final report. Escalating violence and the lack of new leads led them to pack it in, factors which, of course, neither the insurgents nor the French will dare mention. Now will it affect troop morale.

Today also marks the 447th consecutive day that George W. Bush and his supporters in the conservative intellectual press have failed to articulate why we are in Iraq, or own up to the missing WMD. The main concern now is that our failures have betrayed in advance the brave souls who will risk their lives voting on January 30. But nevermind.

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