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Sunday, January 30, 2005 :::
Hats off to the Iraqi people. A few weeks ago, this writer wrote that he would not be surprised if everything went well, but he did not expect it. He is not surprised, and he admits he was a pessimist. However, it turned out about the way that the hopeful realists said--large turnouts among everyone but the Sunnis, most of whom wanted to vote but were scared. Still, it is a mighty accomplishment, and a tribute to the dedicated people of Iraq.

It is a refreshing thing to see that supporters of the war are now talking about how long the road is ahead. This beats talking about happy natives rising up to greet us, and is a concession to the realist position that is way overdue. That the supporters of the war are now saying it is the realists who expected it to be easy--a complete, shameless, and willful lie--is most annoying, but we will have to take what we can get from the "cakewalk" folks.

For right now, our hats must go off to the Iraqis for their bravery today, and we must increase pressure on our leaders to do things right.

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