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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 :::
In his on-going campaign to make sure that no "conservative" publication outside the Weekly Standard will ever be willing to print anything he writes, a certain pudgy, balding English teacher sent the following letter to Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, who, along with some other misguided soul, committed that strange offense: accusing conservative opponents of Donald Rumsfeld of doing what--the record clearly shows--Mr. Rumsfeld himself has done. In this case, to say that war would be easy.

The career-stiffling letter (with two tyos corrected and a parenthetical explanation added):

Dear Mr. Lowry:

I hope this finds you well.

When you wrote that "conservatives should know better" than to make war sound easy, I could not agree with you more.

I felt just that way when I went back and checked the record, and found that Mr. Rumsfeld had told Congress, in September, 2002, that "it won't cost much" to liberate Iraq.

I felt just that way when I went back and checked the record, and found that several conservatives, in late Winter, 2003, expressed the opinion that "a few days" after the tanks rolled, everyone would know we were right about WMD and join us in the GWOT.

I felt just that way just this very morning, when Pio Laghi, a reliable man, was quoted as saying, ""When I went to Washington as the pope's envoy just before the outbreak of the war, he(the President) told me, 'Don't worry, your eminence. We'll be quick and do well in Iraq.'" (That was in the Post.)

What I don't remember is the part where conservatives are just supposed to sit down and "oooh and aaah" at the wisdom of the enlightened. I thought conservatives were supposed to be sceptical of government power, and read their documents. Which is what I am, and what I have done, and why I must count myself among Mr. Rumsfeld's detractors, and not his supporters.

Conservatives should indeed know better.

All the best,

A Certain Pudgy Balding English Teacher

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