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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 :::
Useful Idiots, by Mona Charen. Own it; cherish it. In it, she assembles all the shameful things the "Blame America First" said during the Cold War, and shows how they do not match up to the cold, hard facts. It has been on the future reading list, but the fact that it might be helpful to young friend and editor Philip over in Germany as he completes his dissertation finally moved a dilatory professor to read it before he sent it over. Most of the material is familiar to anyone who has read Paul Hollander or The Black Book of Communism, but she tells the tale with such verve and puts them all in one large seting. What a pleasure. A quilty pleasure, surely, because it is a pleasure to see so many people correctly identified as guilty.

We leave you today with one thought that has, to this writer, always seemed self-evident, though many intellectuals disdain the thought. Quoth Ms. Charen: " 'Hating" communism should be the minimum expected of any civilized human being."

And why is it that so many intellectuals disdain what is self-evident? Here we must turn to one George Orwell, who said, "Some things are so stupid only intellectuals would believe them."

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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