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Thursday, July 07, 2005 :::
And They Wonder Why We Hate Them

The Washington Post is at this moment carrying the Associated Press's feed of a press conference with security officials in London. Why are these things so predictible?

'Why did you lower the security level one month ago?"
"What does this say about your security plans?"

And what were these same reporters moaning on about, oh, yesterday? Do you even have to ask?

"Paranoia." "Obsessive worrying." "Pointless intereference with people's daily routine."

Terrorists are simply very hard to stop. They understand fully that the only way for us to defend ourselves against them with 100 % certainty is to bring an end to the liberties which we prize and they despise. All of which means that some terrorist at some time will be successful for the rest of history, and there is no complete end to it in sight, just as there is no end in sight to some reporters' being stupid.

Best answer from one official: "We are of course shocked, but we are not surprised that this happened."

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