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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 :::
A Mind That Suits will return shortly with a description of an entirely fun weekend playing Latin percussion. However, this week, a certain pudgy, balding English teacher finds himself, belatedly, writing 135 Christmas cards to the members of a Marin company stationed in Iraq. He is doing this only because friend Tina, lovely, dainty wife to tall, gangly friend Jeremy--Staff Sergeant Jeremy to you--has become the Tigress of Troop Support, and so A Mind That Suits is doing what he can. Because he believes in every single sentiment---while remaining a dissident on the war--he is writing personally to each jarhead...

Dear X,
Thank you for all that you are doing for world peace, the people of Iraq, and, most of all, this wonderful country. If we did not have guys like you, we would not have our freedom. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and your company. All the best...

But writing this 135 times takes time, so the Latin Percussion post will have to wait until Friday.


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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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