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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 :::
A busy day and a late night make it hard for A Mind That Suits to say much, so he will sum it up as he did to a friend:

Very few people got what they didn't deserve; a whole bunch of people got what they did.

The Republicans ran a lousy campaign in a Democratic year.

The Democrats have William Jefferson Clinton to thank again: he surely put the oddball Jim Webb over the top with a last minute rally in Virginia, and most probably stalled the Michael Steele juggernaut at normal Republican levels for Maryland.

A Mind That Suits finds himself strangely unmoved by the election. In part, that is because, as a conservative, he puts very little store in politics.

But his neighbors in DC's leafy, lefty Mt. Pleasant are exactly the sorts who say things like, "the personal is political," which necessarily entails the reverse: the political is personal, often VERY personal. So why was no one smiling much this morning? They WON didn't they.

There is an activist personality type that always thinks the world is a grim ugly place and their job is to correct every instance of injustice that they see. Those types probably thought the big news was the loss of Ned Lamont in Connecticut, which had been predicted by all observers the minute he was nominated.

But SOMEBODY whould be smiling here in LeftyLand, and no one really was. Strange.

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