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Sunday, January 16, 2011 :::
Instant Classic of the Day...
So Far!

"Ms. Palin's reaction was astute.  She has a gift--a genius, actually--for annoying Democrats.  While that does not make her the leader of the Republicans, or even a likely presidential nominee, it does make her of leader of Republicans as Democrats imagine them."
                                                    --Christopher Caldwell, The Financial Times of London

Matthew Continetti and Jonathan V. Last, both of The Weekly Standard, have regular blog features highlighting good things that others post.  James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal turned that into an institution, the invaluable "Best of the Web Today" feature of the online Journal's opinion page, but for the regular blogger, Friends Matthew and Jonathan have stolen the best titles: "Best Quote of the Day...So Far!" and "Instant Classic."  (Thanks once again to Friend Jonathan for according A Mind That Suits an "Instant Classic" laurel.)

A Mind That Suits must give his mind over to a title that suits for a similar feature, but in honor of his more distinguished predecessors, he cobbled together the temporary one that floats above this post.

And so it came to pass that the First Ever "Instant Classic of the Day...So Far!" award went to another writer for The Weekly Standard, Christopher Caldwell.  In his indispensible Saturday morning column today, he offers his take, as all conservatives must, on the inexcusable political opportunism of last week.  Along the way, he dropped the gem quoted above.

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