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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 :::

It seems that one blind prejudice of the Left is hampering their ability to speak to their fellow Americans. 
They will of course blanch at the words “fellow” and “American,” but let that rest.
A famed radical “theorist,” Frances Fox Piven, wrote in the December issue of The Nation that Americans should follow their Greek betters and “take to the streets.”  That is an open call for violence, but when some of the loose nuts around Glenn Beck started posting threats, most of which sound sarcastic.  (“We’re all for violence and change, Frances.  Where do your loved ones live?”)  Satire doesn’t need to be funny, and that one sure wasn’t.  And it plays, for some reason, back into the hands of the irrational Left.
Such as Frances Fox Piven. 
It plays into their hands because it allows less radical progressives to ignor what she said and focus again on the people they really hate, their fellow Americans who think independently. 
Ms. Piven, you see, now claims to be scared, and the Left has risen up as one to say that turning the tables on  people who advocate violence is scary. 
“Death for thee,” one guesses, “and not for me.”
Now Barbara Ehrenreich, who 30 years ago was capable at one point of saying some things that might have made sense in some context on some days, has weighed in, and thereby proved that she can no longer make any sense at all.  She calls Americans "wimps" for not rioting, and then blames them because they want to riot against her and her fellows, er, companions, er, friends, whatever.
You see, she and Ms. Piven are enlightened, so they should be allowed to live in peace.  Other people should suffer for the dreams of the enlightened, or, to use Thomas Sowell’s apt phrase, the Anointed.
And where their blindness tricks them is that they think Americans are so stupid they can't see right throught all this nonsense.
Some thoughts:
1)      That line of reasoning is disgusting.
2)      Americans don’t act like Greeks because they don’t want to.  They vote instead.  The worst thing the Tea Party ever did was shout “no, we won’t,” when they were told to “sit in the back of the car” by their betters, you know, the Anointed.
3)      The Greek riots ended with the deaths of three people that everyone in Greece, at least, agreed were innocent. 
4)      They worked at banks, so no boubt Ms. Piven and Ms. Ehrenreich think they had it coming. 
5)      However, the fallen were indeed innocent bankworkers, the kind who sit in front and say, “Hello, may I help you?” The Greeks concluded wisely that this reflected very badly on the rioters and on themselves as a proud and ancient race, so they all stopped.
6)      No doubt, Ms. Piven thinks that makes them wimps, too.
7)      Did A Mind That Suits mention that the way these two “distinguished thinkers,” ur, think is disgusting?  Well, it is.
8)      Ms. Ehrenreich approvingly cites instances of rioting in European countries, as showing that Europeans have backbones. 
9)      Why, then, did we have to invent the word “Euroweenies?”  Name one instance where Europeans are willing to undergo any discomfort or endure any sacrifice at all.
10)  Let us focus on why these vaunted Europeans rioted: 
a)      In Greece, they didn’t want to work past 52. (Yes, you read that right.)
b)      In France, kids out of college didn’t want to have to live one year with the prospect of being fired for incompetence, so they wanted the government to keep that illegal.  (Yes, you read that right.)
c)      In Britain, the kids wanted someone else to pay for their education. (Yes, you read that…oh, wait, that makes them just like our kids.)
11)  Tina Fey, no drooling right winger she, spoke for all Americans when she snarled at her fellow Greeks about their retirement age, “Really?  The guy who runs the checkout at the corner Greek deli retires when he’s dead.”
12)  Put succintly, Europeans were rioting because they wanted to the government to give them things, so they killed people.  That makes them bullies and thugs.  Tea Partiers didn’t want the government to take things they earned, and they didn’t kill anyone.  That makes them strong, independent people.
13)  Did A Mind That Suits mention that the way these two “distinguished thinkers,” ur, ejaculate, oops, expostulate, is disgusting?  Well, it is.
14)  To state all this clearly:  American Leftists know nothing about Europeans actually live, but want Americans to live that way, because they are sure it is better.  Most other Americans actually know how Europeans actually live and how lousy their economies and heath care systems actually are, and are wisely sure they don’t want to live that way.

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