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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 :::
Can We Export Height?

The internet has improved life in one way, and that is supplying us with lists of superlative objects and accomlpishments, complete with pictures and references.  Well, people supply us with the lists, just as people supply us with the internet, but the internet makes the lists possible and widely available.

In any case, today brought a fun list from Bing of the world's tallest whatevers, which of course had to include the mighty California Redwood.  There, one was told that "it can't be denied that the Sequoia Sempivirens, or California Redwood, is a source of great height."

This caused A Mind That Suits to wonder, "What, exactly, is a 'source of great height?'"  Was there a Fr. Paez to share the honor of discovering it with a Sir Richard Burton?  Would Ponce de Leon, despairing of finding the Fountain of Youth, have settled for a few extra inches, centimeters not having been invented then?  How is height extracted?  Can it be bottled?  Does Northern California produce enough of it to be exported?  What are the estimated reserves?  What other sources are there to great height?

Ah, the worlds of wonder opened by the internet...

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