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Friday, February 18, 2011 :::
Sobering Thought on a Friday.

Plus, A Long Overdue Peace Agreement

A Mind That Suits has been far from alone in wondering when public education would become "the issue."  Predictions have abounded for a while.

A number of things are surprising about Wisconsin--not least that "the issue of the next decade" boiled over so quickly--and he will return to those on Sunday.

But for now, he found this thought arresting (a word chosen advisedly):

Given what public school teachers do to students in so many systems--hinder their education--taking them to a protest may actually spare them some harm. 

Plus, the kids'll get to see what selfish jerks adults can be.  Perhaps they will even be bold enough to scold:  "Please, act our age, at least."

And Now For the Good News

A Mind That Suits never thought he would live to see this day:

A long overdue peace agreement brings hope to a weary world.

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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