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Monday, February 21, 2011 :::
Thought for the Day

The modern male generally falls into two types: those who use those "baby changing stations" as shelves, and those who don't.

The first are driven by a rational fear of letting anything other than the soles of their shoes touch the floor of a men's room.

The second are driven by an utterly irrational fear that some male some time actually used it to changea  baby.

Well, there is a third type:  the ones who keep hand sanitizer at the ready at all times, because, really, you never should let anything other than the soles of your shoes touch the floor of any men's room, and there is the vaguest chance that some guy will have to use a "baby changing station" to change a baby, although one can increase one's chances of avoiding that by staying away from a liberal church or some place with the words "community" or "center" in its name.

A Mind That Suits has seen this strange occurrence perhaps four times since those things appeared, andhe has always lived in "progressive" neighborhoods.

A Mind That Suits carries hand sanitizer everywhere.

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