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Friday, February 11, 2011 :::
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In light of his post two days ago--scroll down--A Mind That Suits will merely copy portions of this delicious news item.  For the full text, please click on the headline.

He hastens to add that his heart goes out to the people of Oklahoma, although it sounds as what they are going through is survivable, for those who planned ahead.  He nonetheless cannot help surpress a giggle at how much their life would change if Global Warming alarmists are right, and the temperature goes up two degrees, so a scorching -29.

Oklahoma Colder than the South Pole This Morning

By Heather Buchman, Meteorologist
Feb 10, 2011; 11:55 AM ET
Play video While many factors played into the extreme cold on the southern Plains Thursday morning, cloud cover, or lack thereof, was a contributor. Click on this video to see why.
After being buried with roughly 2 feet of snow Wednesday, outstandingly cold air has pooled over parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and neighboring states. This morning was the coldest in recorded history for some areas.

At 7 a.m. CST, it was colder in northeastern Oklahoma than at the South Pole.

The Oklahoma Mesonet reported a low temperature of -31° F at Nowata, Okla. If this temperature is valid, it will be the new all-time record low for the state.

The previous all-time low temperature record for Oklahoma is -27° F.

In Bartlesville, Okla., a temperature of -28° F was recorded at the airport at 7:19 a.m. This temperature also beats the state record.

Elsewhere in the Bartlesville area, a temperature of -29° F was reported around 7 a.m.

As AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak pointed out, the temperature at the South Pole was -23° F at 7 a.m. CST this morning. Therefore, parts of Oklahoma and Kansas were just as cold, if not colder.

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