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Saturday, March 26, 2011 :::
A Great People

And A Once Great People,
Now Rendered Silly.

A Mind That Suits has had a busy two weeks, including preparation for an audition, but his mind has never been far from his blog and its loyal reader.

He realizes that his last post took a somewhat cock-eyed view of the still fresh Japanese earthquake, commenting on how tragedies bring out the deepest part of a nation's character.  Still thinking that the worst had probably played out, he commented on the infallible Japanese instinct for snapping pictures, which seems an odd thing to comment on, but, really, that is very Japanese.

At the remove of two weeks, A Mind That Suits would like to point out how well that Japanese character has helped during weeks of unending horror and grinding hardship.

Throughout, the Japanese have acted in a very Japanese way, in the best sense.  There are aspects of the Japanese character he does not find sympathetic--do not be surprised if, after the dust has settled and any acts of malfeasance or irresponsibility are uncovered, there are not consequent suicides--but the storied stoicism stands them here in good stead.  There can be no doubt that everyone is doing what they need to do, and it is stunning that there has been no civil disobedience.

A Mind That Suits will have something more to say about that soon.

However, he logged on for another reason, and that is to report that, far away from NorthEastern Japan, a bunch of very privileged people were acting like the spoiled children they probably are.  Please scroll down to the child with the poster: "cut my homework, not my school."  If that doesn't sum up the socialist mentality...

Progressive websites here published lists of things like "the 10 most disgusting Tea Party posters," with special honors going to children holding signs written for them that say, "Don't spend my future."

At least the children of Tea Partiers will know that their parents did their best to defend them and save a future for them.

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