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Friday, April 29, 2011 :::
A Toast to


Well, TiVo and the internet.

Why?  Because all those American women of the new-fangled type can go to work refreshed, confident that the circles under their eyes won't announce that in fact they got up at a ridiculous hour to watch the Big Event.

Analyses of these things seem silly.  One European monarch commented many years ago that the way the 20th Century was going, there would ultimately be just five kings left:  The King of Great Britain and the four in the deck of cards.  It didn't quite turn out that way, but how many people need to be reminded that Scandavian countries all have monarchs?  Despite the rantings and ravings of all sorts, including conservative American patriots, Her Majesty's loyal subjects are content to stay just that: subject, and loyal.  Support for abolition hovers just above negligible, and that is their affair.

Here in the States, where so many women feign indifference, one is reminded of a poll before the nuptials of William's father and mother:  American women were fascinated, but only 14% wanted to take Diana's place.  In the event, that was a fairly wise estimation of that particular situation.  As to the general desirability of being married to a prince,a lovely leftish lass of A Mind That Suits' acquaintance put it neatly: "We want the royal wedding, and not much else."

A Mind That Suits believes that such things are quite genetic, and everything, everything, indicates that the female half of the species dreams of a Knight in Shining Armor.  It has been said a thousand times that James Cameron's brilliant Titanic was the greatest date movie ever made because it was a romance wrapped in an adventure story, which gives the Knight a chance to die for the Maiden in distress.  So A Mind That Suits is fact sure that nearly every female he knows will have a comprehensive set of opinions about the whole affair, which they will only summarize for any annoying male who dares to ask.  Their girlfriends will savor every delicious moment as they rehash it away from the ears of indifferent or contemptuous guys.

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